Monday, June 13, 2011

...Posting a Lost and Found Notice

Lost and Found Board:
Smith Barn
Peabody, MA
Post Davies/Mancus Wedding

Lost: the last name Davies
Owner: a Miss Shannon E.
Last seen: Sunday 6/12 at 4:25 pm
Found: immediately between her first name and the name Mancus

Lost: sobriety
Owner: the wedding party
Last seen: Sunday 6/12 at 5:10 pm
Found: ?

Lost: One big toenail
Owner: Miss Alison Marchese
Last seen: While swing dancing barefoot
Found: to be irreparably damaged

Lost: general maturity
Owner: Wedding guests
Last seen: before they stepped on the school bus shuttles
Found: ?

Lost: 3 bottles of beer
Last seen: on the wall with 97 other bottles of beer
Found: in song on the bus

Lost: voice
Owner: Miss Molly Thomas
Last heard: Sunday 6/13 1:30am
Found: Monday 6/13 10:30am post eggs and coffee (and potatoes and a muffin)

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