Wednesday, June 22, 2011

...Wondering Which Newscaster is the Evil Twin

"Tired of the same old news? ...So are we" One poster for Pix 11 News at 10 reads. Pix 11, a local New York station is changing things up and they're telling us about it with these print adds on the subway.

This one says: An old white man will sit in a chair and stare into space while Lolita Lopez looks sexy, Lisa Mateo remains  bravely tight lipped, Kaity Tong will look on to the old man while Jodi Applegate looks confident and sexy. Oh and the old man? We'll call him Mr. G! It'll be like a Charlie's Angels where Mr. G and the News Angels do things their way! Throwing newspapers on the ground, using books as footrests... This crew is tired of the same old news!

Part of the same poster tells me: We're tired of the sterility of other news rooms. Desks? Moniters? Where's the sex? This show is going to be like Grey's Anatomy, but with Newscasters!!! More sexy women (Debra Alfarone might turn out to be a lesbian in season 3). There's a black guy. Marvin Scott might have it in for Mr. G... Foreshadowing for tons of action. The season will be fraught with drama.

"If you're thinking it they're saying it." This poster reads.
You're thinking you hate old tvs? The men of Pix11 will smash tvs! Do you find newspapers too covered with words? They will throw more newspapers around and not even care! One of these men doesn't  and even have a last name! Lionel! That's all you need when you're showing media who's boss!

Lest you think this show is all violence and no empathy Pix 11 leaves us with this:
"Do the other stations really listen...or do they just wait for their turn to talk? Welcome to the conversation. Every night at 10." So ladies, if you're headed to bed and your regular newsman just isn't listening, turn on Pix 11. They'll inform you just the way you like to be informed. Then they'll roll you over, spoon you, and ask about your day.

I cannot wait to watch the news.

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  1. What I don't understand is, in the last poster, why does everyone get a media device except the black guy? Is he going to be the first one to die, so the prop department didn't feel like budgeting a device for him since he's on-screen for such a short time?