Friday, June 10, 2011

...Waiting for my 11:10 Megabus

10:54 Oh, OK they moved the Megabus lines. Instead of being in front of Penn Station, they now have a whole parking lot with lines chained off. An actual designated waiting area. Coolio.

10:57 Duck under the chain to get into the Providence line. Enter the Redhead. "Are you going to Providence?" Me: Yeah. Redhead: "Ugh, there are 2 lines."

10:58 Great. Riding both Megabus and Bolt Bus come with the agita of wondering if you're in the right place at the right time. Until you're on the bus, it always feels like a crap shoot. And though I payed very good attention to the signage and know that I am in the Providence line and this chick is in the Baltimore line I still feel like she thinks I cut in front of her.

10:59 There's no bus yet, which is fine because my ticket is for 11:10, but I'll just double check.

10:59:32 Shit shit shit! Shit shit! I was looking at Mick's ticket which is attached to our return ticket for Monday. Shit! That's the 11:10 in this parking lot. Shit! Is mine 11? Where am I supposed to be???

11:00 Ok, found my ticket. 11:10 same spot. Right? Am I reading that right??? Yes, ok. Whew. Now where's the bus?

11:01 Drinking my iced coffee just waiting for the bus. Realize that Redhead is on her second call since I got here. Different person. Same shitty tone. She's complaining about there being 2 lines for the bus. Anxiety meter rises.

11:10 Still no bus. No worries. My job is to stand in line and wait for a bus. Then my job is to sit on a bus. Reason beats anxiety! Oh, but the Redhead is still on the phone, complaining to a FOURTH person about the lines for the bus.

11:20 Man with the ice cart is a genius. Wonder what Tamarindo tastes like.

11:28 Redhead has now taken to complaining to the guy in front of her in line. I have changed strategies. Much as a Green Housing Complex uses methane released from tenants' garbage to power the building, I will recycle this chick's pissing and moaning into energy. If I can't reduce or reuse her vitriol, I will recycle it.

11:30 The bus pulls up but has to wait for the bus to DC to finish loading. This is driving the Redhead insane!

11:38 The Redhead decides to switch lines and ducks in behind me. The older lady behind her follows suit. Redhead snaps. "Will you back off!" The lady is puzzled. "You have been right behind me this whole time. (obnoxious, bitchy laugh) I mean God." Older lady with an Eastern European accent "I don't want to get too much sun on my face." YES! Secret smile on my face indicates power surge.

11:42 Bus loading. I find a seat on the top level as far away from the Redhead as possible. My batteries are fully recharged.

11:48 My 11:10 is moving! Leaving Hells Kitchen and heading to Providence!

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