Thursday, June 30, 2011

...Learning Spanish

I learned French in school (un peu) but, living in my neighborhood have started picking up some more Spanish. There was a fight outside my building today which was GREAT for learning the every day, conversational stuff that you don't get in a classroom. Here it is!

Gruff Voiced Man:
Stupido. Stupido. Stupido. Stupido! Stupido! Stupido! Stupido! (something) stupido...Stupido.

Quiet Man:
(something something something)

Gruff Voiced Man:
Stupido! Stupido! Que!?! Que!?! Que!?! Que!?! Que!?! Que!?! Stupido! (something) amigo stupido!

Quiet Man:

Gruff Voiced Man:
Stupido... Stupido... Stupido.. Stupido...STUPIDO!

I missed  few words here and there, but I'm pretty sure they were arguing about the debt ceiling.

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