Friday, June 17, 2011

...Thinking about Weiners (who isn't)

If you've ever looked at a subway map and not thought a diagram of male reproductive organs than you either...well, sincerely needed to figure out where you're going OR didn't pay good enough attention in health class.

Looking at the 2 maps above, you'll note that Anthony Weiner's district covered the Cowper's gland, rectum, epididymis and testes. Now, those are crucial parts of the male anatomy, but when it comes to a mayoral race, we all know where the big guy lives, in the penis.

President Obama was the first presidential candidate who took advantage of social media. Twitter kept him connected to the young vote and his facebook page kept us in serious like. Rep. Weiner was just trying something innovative with this new model. Obama had "Yes We Can"  and Rep Weiner, in aiming for the mayoral seat, used the best pointer he had, and how perfect! To have the area you want to govern, represented by a part of your own body. It is a shame that his campaign was so grossly misunderstood, especially when his "We Can Make a Vas Deferens" campaign was such a success in '08.

Puns not used in this posting:
Prostrate bland
climbing the political bladder
Terrance McNally's controversial play Corpus Cavernosum

All other puns not represented were used in either The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and/or The Colbert Report.

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