Tuesday, June 21, 2011

...Psyching Myself Out

With the birth of My Precious Roommate came a new favorite activity. I love the shoots and creating the posts. I love planning discussions with Mick and today we made our first MPR purchases: a pair of pink sunglasses, construction paper and Walgreens brand adult diapers. What I have become addicted to, however, are the sweet, sweet Stats. I sit for embarrassing long amounts of time staring at the number of people who have visited the blog this week, today, this hour... I refresh and see that 4 new people have just viewed. Then I switch to the Audience section and see what country they're from. Today, someone from Egypt looked at My Precious Roommate!

It is thus that I am temporarily... gets the shaftola. Like a toddler staring into a basinet at a newborn I am temporarily... wonders when it stopped being cute. This is so typical of me to get distracted by the new shiny thing. God's honest truth is that I'm scared. With the following of My Precious Roommate- I get completely caught up in tone and subject. Instead of thinking about what I want to write about I ask what people expect and want to read. What people want to read is important, but the point of this blog (at least so far) is to get me writing with the idea that I will, given the chance, write about some pretty interesting stuff.

So, in the hopes that writing this confessional will cleanse my fear and the thought that perhaps some of you have felt this way too I hit Publish Post

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