Friday, July 8, 2011

...At Home on a Friday Night

I walked home from work with a friend tonight. We joked that he was going to have a crazy night of Pringles and apartment cleaning while I went wild resting up and playing Angry Birds. (It's a new phone ok! I've had this stinking Blackberry for forever!) Once home, I confirmed brunch plans for tomorrow. That friend joked about his wild Friday drinking tea. All three of us were embarrassed or at least had an awareness that we were home on a Friday night. And, eek gasp horror I'm writing this at 11:30 pm...on a Friday.

What is it we expect ourselves to be doing? Maybe clubbing. I guess clubbing, right? That or on a hot date. I've heard that when a decision is made, somewhere in an alternate universe there is a you that picked the other choice. In that case, I suppose there are infinite versions of us out there, doing the things we didn't choose. That means, there must be at least one alternate universe Molly getting bottle service with P Diddy, wearing platform heels and a mini dress, dancing like a million dollar stripper. This person has zero worries, lives in some fabulous penthouse in Soho and makes zillions trading and for fun breeds horses at her country place in Lexington (everyone needs an escape).

Wait...nope...I just googled alternate universe Mollys. Not a single one is clubbing. There's one hanging out on a moonlit sailboat...that's pretty cool, 2 are already asleep, the other 27,439 are all also blogging on this Friday night.


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