Monday, July 25, 2011

...More of a Ben Stone

So the web page is it just something
that you guys do for fun? Do you have
a real job?


Well, that is our job.
We don’t technically get money for the
hours we put in, but it is our job.

Boom. Watched about 30 minutes of Knocked Up this weekend and it was with the above lines that I realized I'm more of a Ben Stone than an Alison Scott. Sure I've always considered myself kind of an Alison, driven, but down to earth, a little uptight, attractive, knows how to have fun...but when I face facts I'm really more of a Ben.

  • Ben and his friends had Flesh of the Stars, I've got Flesh of My Roommate, a ten plus hour a week excuse to cut shapes out of construction paper and smear yogurt on each others faces. And yes, we do refer to it as a job. Most definitely.
  • Ben spends inordinate amounts of time dicking around with his friends, I am essentially a 30 year old retiree.
  • Ben's dad was overjoyed at the prospect of Ben having a baby. Boom. Don Thomas would like nothing more.
  • I have certainly thrown a toy for a child telling it to fetch.
  • I have most definitely had a stack of important books that I agreed to read then put off for months.
  • I have been super cool at a bar exactly once.
It's not so bad being Ben Stone. I had planned on being an Alison, but life is like that, you know? You can't plan for it and even if we did life doesn't care about your plans... oops, quoting again. Maybe I'm stretching the comparison a little thin here. I'm probably a good base of Alison, a healthy dose of Ben, and predominately and primarily myself. That's something to remember. I am myself. I'm doing my own thing. Geez, I've spent so much time riding roller coasters, watching movies and smoking weed with a fish bowl on my head that I forgot who I was. Alright. I'm me. I'm Ben--- er I'm Molly.

Pun not used in this post:
Knocked Up, the seminal comedy of our generation.

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