Thursday, July 7, 2011

...Exhausted from My New Job

Ugh. Can barely bring myself to write today. Didn't get to bed until after 2 last night, woke up, did it all again today. It's this new job...just killer! I've thrown myself into this new position, but it doesn't seem to matter. There's always something else for me to do, more gold stars for me to earn.

And the pigs at work! Ugh, really. These grunting, snorting pigs, sitting on their nest eggs in their cush offices. All exposed wood and glass and concrete slab. Blech- some of them even have pillars. Like, how do pillars go with concrete? This one guy at work has a giant, red mustache- huge. He looks like he has a broom stuck up his pig nose. I honestly don't know how they got to where they are...just sitting there, grunting.

And here I am, on a wing and a prayer, trying to get things to go my way. Flinging myself at this work, trying to expose the pigs for what they are. Trying, yes, I'll admit it, to bring them down. Bring the whole damn structure down! But with every victory, another hurdle. Another game to play.

I hear the holidays aren't any better. Sure, they're dressed up in floaty, pink hearts or disgustingly cliched leprechaun costumes, Santa hats or scarecrow costumes, but a pigs a pig, no matter how you dress him up.

There was a chance that they'd send me to Rio. Sure, it'd be a change of scenery, maybe some different music, but in the end, it's all the same game.

I've got to do something. This place is eating all my time.
Some days I think I'll just shoot right past work, but like a boomerang I'm drawn right back.
I'm like a bomb waiting to explode.
I'm about to lay an egg.
I'm seeing red.

I am one Angry Bird.

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