Monday, August 22, 2011

...Carrie Bradshaw

Having just received the Sex and the City complete boxed set 2010 including all 6 seasons of the show and BOTH movies I am issuing this week's challenge: to Bradshawisize myself. Carrie appears to work about 4 hours a week and experience life the rest of the time. So, ok, here I go. I will most certainly watch dozens of episodes of the show this week (what Carrie would call "research" and I will continue to write, but will only post once at the end of this week. I will sit at my computer, squeeze my eyebrows together thoughtfully, write a couple sentences, then close my computer. This will all culminate in a post that will succinctly and cleverly encapsulate my week and the week of my friends. In order to do so I will:

1. Find my Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha
2. Get a hair cut.
3. Wear fabulous outfits (perhaps multiple daily and heels at least once)
4. Brunch
5. Participate in 5 fabulous activities.

I can feel my hair curling and my chin mole-ing up already.

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