Wednesday, August 31, 2011

... A Collector

My Grandad is a painter and a gentleman, a Civil War enthusiast, a lover of Chocolate milk shakes and oreos and a kind man. He is going to die soon and I'm sure it's for this reason that my mom googled him. What came up was an article that he had written for Reminisce magazine about his 1933 baseball card collection. He collected the cards as a kid, got rid of them, then as an adult worked to collect 239 of the 240. He still has the cards (including 3 Babe Ruths).

As I get ready for my Grandad to go I'm assembling my own collection of memories. I've got #192 the smell of pipe smoke and #2 a roll of Peppermint Certs, a #14 the time he tripped carrying me into the house, fell and scraped his hands,  #77 drawing lessons before school, the priceless #98 monkey face he'd make at the car as we'd drive away from his house and a #263 apology for not writing more letters. I've got the 1986 trip to Cape Cod and a rare 1998 "Pitch Proud".

I am so sad to think that my collection is nearly complete, but I'm proud to say that my Grandad was truly in a  League of his own.

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