Friday, August 19, 2011

...Interviewing KF

Molly's Facebook Celebrities!
Interviews with my friends and family (with answers pulled from Facebook)
Friday, Aug 19th Kristin Farrell

Me: Kristin, thanks for joining us, especially with only a week and a half left in the city.

KF: Slam your body down a zigazig ahhh

Me: Our readers, of course know you for your activism.

KF: "If you don't like Gay marriage blame straight people, they the ones having Gay babies"

Me: So powerful. So why are you leaving New York?

KF: My new dentist is hot. I feel awkward ...

Me: Sure. Yeah. You've lived here for about 10 years. Do you think you'll miss New York?

KF: I miss the Mediterranean I want to go back!

Me: I'm sure you will. You also just went through a whirlwind marriage then divorce. What were the papers calling the split?

KF: Mt. Vesuvius.

Me: Ouch. Why did it end?

KF: If you still can't spell my name right after raising your child for 8 months I officially don't like you. Just saying

Me: I'd say that's a damn good reason. What lesson did you learn from this relationship that you'll take into your next one?

KF: If you wanna be my lova You gotta get with my friends. Make it last forever. Friendship never ends!

Me: Well put. Well, your movers are here. Any last words for the Big Apple?

KF: Dear tourists...
Friends was filmed in LA, Lennon was not shot IN strawberry fields and the exhibit at the met is ALEXANDER McQueen not Steve! Geez its 6:45 please stop talking!
Love, Farrell

Me: Thanks for that. Good luck with your move, Kristin!!!

And thank you, dear readers, for checking out this final edition of Molly's Facebook Celebrities!

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