Thursday, August 18, 2011

...Interviewing CC

Molly's Facebook Celebrities!
Interviews with my friends and family (with answers pulled from Facebook)
Thursday, Aug 18th my cousin, Chris Clabuesh

Me: Chris, thanks for joining me today.

CC: I feel real nice!

Me: That's great! Me, too! So, how's life in Chicago?

CC: I got a cheesedumper in burgerville!

Me: So much meat in Chicago. Sounds like heaven. So how are the ladies in Chicago?

CC: boom boom

Me: That good, huh? I hear you're smooth with the ladies. What's your best pick up line?

CC: I'm ready to retire here.

Me: Nice. Direct, bold, shows commitment...

CC: Pure

Me: What's another one?

CC: Home is wherever I'm with you

Me: Solid! Give me a third.

CC: this heat makes me feel like Florida Gator kid, Is this real life?

Me: might want to workshop that one. Oh! You mean David after the Dentist! That youtube video of the drugged up kid. Ok, yeah, that's pretty good. The wording's just off.

CC: Hot Dog Cart

Me: Oh, you say that and point to your pants? I dunno...

CC: I'm ready to face any challenges that might be foolish enough to face me.

Me: That sounds like you're insulting her and... em not your best...

CC: I'm not just saying possum ass is delicious, it is, I'm saying I'm true to my instincts.

Me: That's another one, huh? Ok, just me... I'd stick to the retirement one, the home one...So, I forget, what's your job in Chi-town?

CC: it's a sweet deal

Me: Oh, you're pointing at your pants again. God, is that another pick up line? Let's move on.

CC: throat steppin

Me: Gross, Chris!

CC: an hour ago a fireball consumed my face, which is far preferable to spending one second with you.

Me: Fine, ok. We'll just do this. You get 3 more lines.

CC: fish whistle

Me: Yep.

CC: anyone getting the fight tonight or going somewhere to watch it?

Me: Uh huh.

CC: hold my stones

Me: Great! Well, we're out of space and time, but thank you, Chris, for this insightful interview. I'm sure you'll be a huge hit in Burgerville.

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